design and conker interiors
design and conker interiors
DESIGN & CONKER Redefining Interiors DESIGN & CONKER Redefining Interiors

Residential Interior Design

Interior Design takes a new and innovative approach by blending inspiration with creativity, beauty with practicality and harmony with the environment. Design & Conker unites space, form and functionality to create unique interiors designed especially for you. Both the Interior Design and Design Consultancy services utilise the expertise of a UK qualified designer. Whether it's personalising a new home, remodelling an existing one or redecorating room by room, an experienced interior designer can assist you through every stage of your project. 


Integrating flow and connectivity is key to maintaining design originality while manipulating shapes, colours, textures and surface finishes is fundamental to creating beautiful, bespoke interiors. At Design & Conker each interior design is created concordantly and sympathetically by using the best materials, lighting, accessories, colour palettes, furniture styles and spatial arrangements. Specialising in Kitchens and Bathroom Designs interior designer, Joanne, has worked on projects ranging from small room upgrades to large scale conversions. As the two most complex rooms in the home, it is important to configure pipework and services with a practical design proposal before applying standard specifications and aesthetic elements.  Design & Conker will work with you to create a design that personifies your taste and lifestyle.  


Design & Conker Interiors

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